blundell (2)
ArmsSable, three bendlets and three bendlets sinister conjoined Or on a chief also Or three stag’s heads caboshed sable.
CrestA glove erect sable holding in the fingers a pin point upwards Or.
BadgeLiberty Bell
MottoSEMPER LIBERI (Always free)

Mr Blundell is an economist and the bendlets resemble supply and demand curves. He added deer to a chief because they can be found on his land in West Virginia. His motto also resembles that of the State. The crest has a hand, made invisible within a black silk glove, which holds a pin. This contains three allusions: Adam Smith’s invisible hand, silk (as in the silk towns of Congleton and Macclesfield, where Mr Blundell was born and educated), and the pin-making factory in chapter one of The Wreath of Nations. The badge is a liberty bell and the colours are the livery of Southport Football Club.

Granted30th May 2008 (College of Arms)
AgentPeter O’Donoghue (Blue Mantle Pursuivant)

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