beddows (2)
ArmsGules., a lion rampant reguardant Or on a chief argent two boars’ heads Sable. Or.
CrestWithin a circle of oak leaves palewise vert alternating with grenades sable. fired purpure. a demi cat-a-mountain guardant Or striped sable.

The arms are based on those attributed to Elstan Glodrydd of Rhwng Gwy a Hafren (‘Between Wye and Severn’), legendary founder of one of the five ‘Royal Tribes’ of Wales and his son Cadwgan. Elystan has attributed to him: Gules, a lion rampant reguardant Or and Cadwgan: Argent, three boars’ heads couped sable. The Beddoes (Beddows) of All Stretton and Brockton, Shropshire, whom claim descent from leauf ap Cadwgan ab Elystan and are a cadet branch of the same family as the Powells of Edenhope had assumed these arms, quartered, but never registered with them. The Scottish wildcat is taken from the badge of Major Beddows’ mother’s family, a now extinct branch of the McBeans of Kinchyle. The circlet of oak leaves and grenades alludes to the Beddows’ involvement in the timber trade and Major Bedows’ service with the Royal Artillery, specifically during the Battle of El Alamein and to his role as an FOB (Forward Observer Bombardment) at Arromanches on D Day.

Granted10th January 2005 to his father Major Ian Alexander Beddows TD.
AgentWilliam Hunt (Windsor Herald)

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