ArmsAzure, three sea lions passant guardant Or between semy of estoiles Argent
CrestArising from a celestial crown Or (starred Argent) a demi-lynx affronte holding in the dexter paw a maple leaf Gules
BadgeA lynx’s head affronty erased Azure eyed langued and celestially crowned Or the mullets Argent
MottoTERRESTRES SERVO CORONAS SIDERAS OBSERVOT (Serving Earthly Crowns while observing celestial ones)

The blue background to the shield signifies the sky and the estoiles represent Mr. Borrow-Longain’s interest in stars as an astronomer and astrophysicist. The celestial crown and the far reaching lynx of the crest carry this allusion further. The sea lions stand for both England and Mr. Borrow-Longain’s home County of Devonshire. The lynx holds a maple leaf to signify Mr. Borrow-Longain’s links with Canada

Granted2004 (College of Arms)
AgentDavid White (Rouge Croix Pursuivant)

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