ball (2)
ArmsPer chevron Azure and Argent a pale counterchanged in the azure three organ pipes argent garnished Or each enfiling a crown vallary Or and in the argent as many roses barbed, seeded and leaved proper
CrestOn a grassy mount proper a lion rampant Or tortelly supporting by the forepaws a torch gules banded and chained Or enflamed proper
MottoVIDEO ET TACEO (I see and say nothing)

The three crowns in the arms are for West Mercia, Herefordshire Beacon and Woodbury Hill, representing the armiger’s home area of Worcestershire. The organ pipes represent the musical tradition of the family. The field of the shield divided per chevron and with a pale suggests the sky lines and hills of the area and the roses are a further allusion to the countryside. The torch in the crest is the torch of learning. Mr Bell worked in higher education before becoming an Inspector of Schools and Chairman of the Diocesan Board of Education for the Diocese of Bath and Wells and Chairman of the Wells and Chairman Cathedral Girl Chorister Trust. The form of the Lion is said to be a pun on Mr Ball’s surname.

GrantedSeptember 1972

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