William KELSEY

kelsey (2)
ArmsVert, a sword erect between two pallets or each charged with five barrulets gules all between two Endorses wavy argent.
CrestOn a mount vert a cresset enflamed proper in front of Rods of Aesculapius in saltire Or serpents vert.
BadgeA bulls head caboshed sable armed and holding in its mouth a sword fesswise point to the dexter argent.

The green field represents the county of Lincolnshire where the Kelsey name originates. The two Endorses wavy represent the banks of the River Trent where many generations of the family lived. A number of the elements refer to the armiger’s military service: the sword was the shoulder flash of the 2nd Army HQ Normandy and represents his Army experience generally, the gold pallets and red barrulets represent tank tracks for the Royal Tank Regiment and the bull’s head in the Badge was the shoulder flash of the 79th Armoured Division, in both of which he served. The crest makes reference to Penrith the birthplace of the armiger’s wife in remembrance of her. The cresset can also be seen as an emblem of knowledge and so represents the Bachelor of Arts degree he holds, whilst the crossed Rods of Aesculapius refer to his thirty one years as a technician in the NHS.

Granted10th August 2005 (College of Arms)
AgentPatric Dickinson (Richmond Herald)

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