ArmsArgent on a bend wavy gules between two bucks’ heads erased sable attired Or three bezants a bordure engrailed vert
CrestUpon a wreath argent gules & sable statant upon a hump-back bridge Or an owl guardant argent.
MottoFIDELITER SERVA (Perform faithfully)

The bend and bezants reflect the rough generic similarity to existing heraldry for Buckingham and the buck’s head is a cant. The bordure is or difference. The livery colours of silver, red and black are those of the medal ribbon of the Special Constabulary Long Service Medal. Mr Buckingham was Chief Officer of the Thames Valley Police Special Constabulary and served as a Special Constable for 40 years. Red and black were also used by the Dukes of Buckingham and are used by the town of Buckingham. The bridge in the crest is used to convey the idea of a community that coheres (policing) while the owl is used by the Boucher family, linked with Mr Buckingham’s maternal line of Bowsher,


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