Hans Girdhari BATHIJA

ArmsGules, three Pallets Or surmounted by three Roundels in bend Azure each charged with a Rose Or barbed proper seeded Gules.
CrestA Swan rising supporting between the Wings elevated and addorsed Or a Wheel Gules.
BadgeA demi Horse couped Azure sans tail supporting between the legs a Sword palewise Or the blade surmounted by a Wheel Gules
MottoIGNIS AURUM PROBAT (Gold is tempered by Fire)

The lines represent connectivity, networks and trade routes (alluding to a career in banking, information technology and global trade), the Partition of India (alluding to the flight of the armiger's father as a Sindhi Hindu refugee to the Dominion of India), and prison bars (alluding to mother being born in Butterworth, Province Wellesley, during the Japanese Occupation of the Straits Settlements). The three roses represent the wife, son, and daughter, and the family’s English heritage. The crest's swan alludes to the Hansa , the vahana (bird of passage) ridden by Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, and learning. The Wheel alludes to the Dharmachakra. The badge's horse represents the Canadian horse (alluding to the son’s & daughter’s birthplace), and alludes to a family history with horses and horse racing. The upright Sword represents the City of London, of which he is a Freeman, support for the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom and Canada, and the defence of family and home. The motto references a passage by Seneca, "ignis aurum probat, miseria fortes homines", "as gold is tempered by fire, so strong men are tempered by suffering".

Granted27th July 2018 (College of Arms)
AgentPeter O'Donoghue (York Herald)

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