Dr Ronald Patrick GADD MBE

ArmsArgent, a Goose volent Gules beaked & legged Or, on a chief nebuly also Gules 2 quill pens in saltire Argent penned gold between as many gads of steel also Argent
CrestOut of a circlet of shamrock slipped Vert a demi-griffin Or beaked & langued Gules holding between its paws a gad of steel Argent
MottoAT SPES SOLAMEN (Hope is my solace)

The red goose is taken from the badge of No 51 Squadron RAF, ( the squadron flew ansons when badge issued in 1937, ansor, a goose) on which I served for ten years as aircrew. The gads of steel are an obvious pun on my surname, while the two quills relate to my second career as a barrister, this is also referred to in the crest, the griffin is taken from the arms of Gray’s Inn. The circlet of shamrock refers to my Irish ancestry.

Granted27th August 1982 (College of Arms)

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