Dr Richard C F BAKER FHG

baker (2)
ArmsGules, a chevron embattled the crenelles semi-circular Or between three barrulets wavy couped Argent each surmounting the stems of three Ears of Wheat slipped the central ear palewise the others in saltire Or.
CrestUpon a helm with a wreath of Or and Gules an Acorn slipped and issuant Or within a Chaplet of Hops slipped and leaved Vert fructed Or.

The Gules field reflects the arms of Essex, where the armiger was born, a Kent where he has lived for many years. The edges of the chevron recall those of a postage stamp, philately having been his lifelong hobby in which his fortune is invested (hence Or). The three ears of wheat are for his three daughters linking to the family name of Baker. The barrulet wavy is for the armiger’s wife, Jenny, her name coming from the Celtic name Guinevere, meaning “white wave”. The chaplet of hops again refers to Kent, with the acorn coming from the arms of the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies in Canterbury, of which the armiger is Director.

GrantedJune 2012 (College of Arms)
AgentRobert Noel (Lancaster Herald)

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