Paston-Bedingfeld (2)
Arms1st and 4th, ermine, an eagle displayed gules (Bedingfeld); 2nd and 3rd, argent, six fleurs-de-lys, three, two and one, azure a chief indented or. (Paston)
CrestAn eagle displayed or. (Bedingfeld), 2. A griffin sejeant, wings elevated or, gorged with a collar gules, therefrom a line held in the beak and terminating in a ring of the last (Paston).
BadgeA fetter the thong gules, edged and stubbed and with buckles at both ends chained together gold (Bedingfield). A loop of chain or (Paston).
Motto1. DESPICIO TERRENA, SOLEM CONTEMPLOR (I despise earthly things, I gave upon the sun). 2. DE MIEULX JE PENSE EN MIEULX(I think of better and better things).

Both Bedingfeld and Paston are recorded in the Visitation of Norfolk 1563 whereas the Bedingfield arms date from the 13th century.

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