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We welcome new members, both armigerous and those who have an interest in the study of history and the role that heraldry has played in the heritage of the UK and the rest of the world. Show your support for the aims and objects of the White Lion Society. Become a member today.

The annual Membership subscription, including renewal, is £20 (or £21 if paying on-line), and must be paid in sterling. Membership is renewable on the next following 1st January but if you join at the end of the year and after the 1st November then your first membership renewal will be on the second following 1st January. The benefits of being a member are derived in the first place from the satisfaction we gain in supporting the College of Arms and further include:

  1. A quarterly Newsletter, which is delivered electronically (Paper copies are also available on the payment of a postal supplement)
  2. An Annual Reception held at the College of Arms.
  3. A number of visits each year to sites of heraldic interest.
  4. Periodic events and celebrations.
  5. The purchase of member’s items from our shop.
  6. The opportunity to include your arms on the Society website.

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